Arco String Quartet provides a live, close up educational experience for all ages.

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If you’re looking to give your pupils an in-depth look into music and stringed instruments then check below to see what we offer…


For students aged 11 to 16 our workshops can be tailored easily to look at types of music, topics and themes relevant to the current curriculum. Our aims are to make the workshops fun, informative and to follow the guidelines set out by yourselves so we pinpoint the objectives you’d like. We can
• Provide a look at music through the ages.
• Show how the instruments work.
• Take a look at rhythm, giving examples, and inviting students to clap/play along.
• Look closely at the techniques and harmonies used in particular pieces/periods of music.
• Perform and/or record student compositions for string quartet.

Primary and special schools

Younger pupils’ interest can be keenly met by the quartet through workshops tailored specifically for them. After liaising with you about including any particular topics or themes into our workshop we can produce a plan covering information on each of the three stringed instruments within the quartet (violin, viola and cello) and look at the sounds the instruments make both played alone and together.

We always suit the workshops to the age range and ability and can look beyond the string quartet, for example at sounds made on wood, plastic and metal for younger students. For older students we can incorporate bass lines, harmony and string playing techniques.

With the central aim being fun we’ll include lots of tunes familiar to the students including popular numbers from the likes of Frozen and Star Wars.

6th Form

Our work with 6th form students has been two-fold: Full morning sessions on music through the ages with a programme of works showing each period’s musical development. Playing the students’ own compositions giving enhancing guidance and information. We can link our work with the A-level syllabus.

“Arco String Quartet performed a selection of well known pieces from Baroque through to 20th Century and illustrated wonderfully the typical musical features from each era along with some of the compositional techniques employed. It was particularly thrilling to hear them perform a few of the students’ own compositions.”
Head of Music

Whitley Bay High School

Prices and timings range depending on your exact requirements so please get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

Workshops and Classes

In all cases our workshops and classes are given in a fun, informative and friendly way with encouragement of student participation. With the live performances our objective is to show enthusiasm and enjoyment of the music and to inspire each attendee to play, listen and perform.

The workshops are produced after discussions with you about the aims and objectives of the class. We provide them during school days and can provide written notes where needed.

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