Covid 19 – What we’re doing to ease the current situation

Here at Arco we are constantly updating our response to the current situation. Taking guidance from our industry we aim to ease the booking or re-scheduling burden our customers are facing and to ensure we follow appropriate Covid19 measures at all events. Please read below to see the solutions we’re offering to couples who are postponing their big day and also social distancing measures we have in place for events taking place during Covid19.

Placing a Booking

Be assured that whether you’re planning a small wedding in 2020 or a wedding, party, or corporate event next year and beyond we are still accepting new bookings as normal. Your deposit would be transferable to a new date if your event had to be postponed because of virus restrictions. For weddings, musicians and others working at the event do not count towards guest numbers.

We will follow all relevant guidelines at events to ensure you, your guests, and everyone else involved is kept as safe as possible. Please keep reading for more information on our social distancing measures. We are also signed up to PopTop’s Covid-19 Health and Safety Pledge.

Performances during the pandemic

The guidance on this is changing constantly and we are continually updating our practices. We have implemented social distancing measures to enable us to play at weddings and events but we are also able to live stream our playing directly to you.

Social Distancing – We are committed to complying with all social distancing requirements and both the quartet and duo are able to play whilst adhering to these measures. We have invested in clear ‘covid screens’ to aid social distancing and have implemented new hygiene routines and ways of working so that we and yourselves are as safe as possible. Our full risk assessment also confirms that we’ll wear masks while arriving, leaving and moving around a venue.  We do not blow into our instruments, we do not sing, and our music is naturally at a level which guests can easily talk over without having to raise their voices, making us a natural choice. We are able to perform outside or indoors. Get in touch if you’d like more information on our social distancing measures.

Live Streaming – Our string duo is now able to live stream directly to your event from our base or, if permitted, from another room at your venue. This can be helpful if you have very limited space or if you are marrying outside the North East of England. In this way you still get the live music you have dreamed of on your big day. All we would need you to confirm is that the venue has the ability to project our playing into the ceremony/reception room(s) and has an accessible internet service with an adequate speed. If you’re considering this as an option please get in touch with us so we can discuss it with you.

Health and Safety Guarantee – We are signed up to PopTop’s Covid-19 Health and Safety Pledge.

Postponing and Rescheduling

Our heart goes out to all of you who have needed to make the difficult decision to postpone your big day. We aim to work as closely as possible with you all and to make the transition to a new date as easy as possible.

Please get in touch with us as soon as you’re considering moving your wedding so we can discuss potential dates with you. Our diary is extremely busy for 2021 and now 2022 so as much notice as possible will really help. A choice of alternative dates can also be helpful if your venue is able to offer you that.

The best option and the one that brings us most relief is if we’re free on your new date. We will transfer the deposit free of charge and re-schedule the players at no further cost to you. All we ask is that you pay some or all of your balance by the original due date if you are able to. The full balance will be due one month before your new wedding date.

If we are already booked on your re-scheduled date then we will always try to offer you a different option. We have enough experienced players in our pool to offer the string duo if the quartet is unavailable. The duo’s playlist is very similar to the quartet’s and we can honour any song choices you’ve already made. Taking the string duo option will only incur the actual costs for that group with no admin fee or postponement fee and we’ll transfer the deposit over to your new date. The balance will be adjusted accordingly and will be due one month before your new date.

If we have no availability for your new date and you do not wish to accept any other options we have offered then we will return all monies paid to us except the original £100 deposit.

Postponing your wedding once is heart breaking but we already have couples who have needed to re-schedule more than once as venues remain closed and weeks move into months. Again we are committed to helping you smoothly move our services onto the next new date but due to the time and work involved we will charge a small admin fee of £30 for these further changes.

We will update this page as appropriate but we hope we’ve conveyed our aim to carry on performing and producing live music safely whilst also making any booking or re-scheduling as easy and as smooth as possible.

You, as our customers, make our performances and business worthwhile and offering a high level of customer service as well as professional playing is our objective throughout.

If you have any questions that are not answered here please do not hesitate to contact us.