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Let us answer your questions about hiring our string quartet...
What is a string quartet?
A string quartet consists of 4 musicians; 2 playing violin, 1 playing viola and 1 playing cello. String quartets are very popular for providing background music because of the high quality but un-obtrusive sound they produce.
To hear what our string quartet sounds like please click here.
How far will you travel?
We are happy to play at events around the North East of England, throughout Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, County Durham and Teesside. Please contact us for more information.
Can you play at funerals?

Yes, we are happy to provide music for funerals as we understand that live music can make a big difference. Please contact us as soon as possible in the planning process to check our availability. We can generally access any hymns you would like or alternatively we have a wide range of music from classical to pop.

What kind of music will you play?
We have a very varied playlist, covering everything from traditional classical music through to pop tunes, folk music and jazz. We will talk to you to select a range of appropriate music to fit your event. You can pick all the particular pieces you want us to play or just give us an idea of the type of music you like and let us do the rest. Please visit our music page for more information.
What will you wear?
We normally wear black trousers or skirts and either purple, pink, blue or black tops. However, we can change this to fit in with your event, for example by wearing different coloured tops, smart dresses, suits or more casual clothing if you prefer. For workshops in schools we generally wear smart casual clothing.
Can you play a particular piece of music for me?
With enough notice we are happy to get hold of or arrange your special piece of music to play at your event. Please phone or email us to discuss this in more detail before your event.
Can you move from one room to another?
We are very happy to move between rooms at your event. We don’t use any specialist or electrical equipment so it is quick and easy for us to move to a different space, e.g. moving from the wedding ceremony through to the drinks reception.
Can you play outdoors?
We are more than happy to play outdoors. However, in wet or windy weather we will need to move indoors, so it is a good idea to make sure there will be an alternative space available if the weather conspires against us.
How much does a string quartet cost?

We charge based on the length of time we are booked for. Prices start from £390. This covers all our costs, although for events a significant distance outside Tyne and Wear we may charge reasonable travel expenses. We can also provide a string duo (violin and cello), Prices for the duo start from £230.


Our school education workshops vary in length and content so for more information on pricing please contact us.

How do I book?
If you would like to book please get in touch with us to check our availability on the date of your event and request a booking form. We are formally booked for you once we receive the completed booking form and a deposit of £100, which secures the date for you.
When will you arrive at my event?

We aim to arrive 30 minutes before our start time.  This gives us ample time to set up and discuss any last minute queries with the venue.

Can I hear you play before my event?

We regularly play at wedding fairs around the North East. Details of upcoming fairs are listed here and on our Facebook page. You can also here live recordings of us on our videos page.  From time to time we give public performances at other events (recently we’ve played at the Under the Dome Festival).  We always post these events on our website and Facebook page.

When and how do we pay you?
We require a deposit of £100 when making your booking, with the balance to be paid at least 1 month before the event. Payment can be made by bank transfer or cheque. For corporate bookings we can provide invoices for these payments.
How many breaks do you take?
We like to play as continuously as possible (where appropriate!) to give you and your guests uninterrupted background music. For engagements of 2 hours or more we may take a short break. Wherever possible we will try to fit this in around your event.
Do I need to feed you?

No.  If we are playing for two hours or more we do ask for some light refreshments.  This is nothing more than tea, coffee and water.

What happens if one of the players is ill on the day?
We have a database of ‘back-up’ players who can stand in if a player is unavailable on the day of your event through accident or illness – we would still play the same music and you would receive the same high standard.
What happens if it snows on the day of our event?
We will always do our very best to get to your event, whatever the weather. To date, we have never missed a gig because of the weather (or for any other reason!)
How far in advance do I need to book?

Arco String Quartet can become booked up early during busy periods, such as the summer months for weddings, so we recommend that you book as far in advance as possible to avoid disappointment. However, it is always worth checking with us as we do sometimes have availability up to 2 weeks before events.

Do you need any special equipment?
We bring all our own equipment with us apart from chairs! Our instruments are all acoustic so we do not normally need any power sockets or amplifiers. If a space is particularly dark (for example at a party, or outdoors in the evening) we have small battery-operated lights which we can easily use.
Do you have a link with Andrelli music?
All the players in Arco also play in our sister quartet, Andrelli.
What does 'Arco' mean?
The word ‘Arco’ literally means ‘with a bow’, and is used in printed music to indicate when string instruments should be played with the bow rather than plucked.
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